Alkaline Water

By: Nina Bergstedt

Alkaline water has become quite the trend, with people spending up to $7 a bottle….but why is it so popular should be the question….

The “health” industry spends millions a year exploiting people’s insecurities and desperation for instant healing, alkaline water is included in those products!

The perfect PH for our bodies is 7 – 7.5, too much of anything will cause an imbalance in your body, which leads to dis-ease, high alkaline water included. Only those that consume a high amount of acidic foods (and the average person does) would need alkaline water with a PH of 8+. For those that keep a balanced diet, your water should only have 7 – 7.5 PH….

With that being said, let us show you how to make your own alkaline water with the perfect PH and at minimal cost….all items listed below will make several gallons….

What you need:
2 gal glass jar
35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (not diluted)
Ionic minerals
Filtered or distilled water

How to make:
• Fill the glass jar with your water
• Add 10-15 drops of the hydrogen peroxide
• 2 cap fulls of the ionic minerals
• Set outside to sun charge for a minimum of 20mins (recommended 45mins – hour if possible, the longer the better!)

That’s it! You can test the PH with test strips, it should test at 7.5 each time.

* To amplify quality of water, set binaural or isochronic beats/tones next to or on the jar while sun charging (as seen in the pic below)….yes, you will taste the differences! For more info research Dr. Masaru Emoto’s study of the memory of water.

Benefits of Sun-Charged Water

Since light and heat oxidize water and food, one of the top benefits of drinking sun-charged water is that it can help in eliminating bacteria, virus, and fungal infections in the body. It also helps to increase energy, rejuvenate the body (inside and out), assist in boosting your immune system, thus creating faster healing rate within the body. Last but not least, it assists with alkalizing the body. An alkaline environment helps to keep your muscle tissue hydrated, which in turn assists your vital organs function at optimal rates.

What you need, order here!

2 gal Mason Jar

Ionic minerals

PH test strips

For 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide see your local health food stores, ordering online can be difficult, as most are diluted for shipping purposes.

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