Healing 101

By: Nina Bergstedt

I wanted to add a caveat to the many blogs we have on health and healing. One comment we often hear people say, when discussing herbal remedies is, “I tried that and it didn’t work.” The most important thing one needs to remember when it comes to healing the body and reversing years of damage is, it did not take you a day or even a few weeks or months to get in the state you are in and there is no silver bullet to heal you instantly. If you innerstand the damage that animal products alone does to your body, you should then realize that your body has been attacked from the day you entered this reality. We’ve been fed poison from day one, which is why the majority don’t know what it truly feels like to be healthy because they have never honestly experienced it.

With any natural remedy, it first starts with preparing your self mentally for the journey; innerstanding how you’ve been programed to view food and medicine. I don’t care if your doctor is someone you know personally and trust, all pharmaceutical doctors are trained and paid to keep a patient in a state of dependency on the system for their own financial benefit, period, not even up for debate. Common sense should make a person question a doctor when they give you the most basic advice, such as “eat healthy and exercise but here, also put these poisonous chemicals in your body, that come with side effects that will deteriorate you internally.” But we are programed to believe that people with these titles know more than we do, so their advice is gold and we don’t question them. We don’t even question the fact that there is a legal reason in the medical field they give the disclaimer that doctors PRACTICE medicine. They are literally practicing, trial and error on us but that disclaimer limits a patient’s ability to sue for malpractice.

During and after detoxing, the next step is putting in the right stuff! Consuming the (natural) vitamins, minerals, and herbs, will assist the body in healing itself and restoring it to the state in which it was intended to function. We all have our vices and fall short on this journey but start where you can, begin with the little things like eliminating certain foods, intermittent fasting…..when you start to feel the effects of these little steps (and trust me you will feel it!) it will motivate you to keep going! I would also like to note that if you are battling a serious disease, I would not recommend the slower action mentioned above but rather it is critical to begin the processes as soon as possible! The longer you allow your body to be attacked/invaded, the more damage you have to repair!

With that, on behalf of The Energy Exchange 369, we wish you health, healing, and balance and hope that you continue to join us on this journey! Each one teach one! As I grow so shall you!

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