All-Natural Treatments and Remedies for Varicose Veins

By. Dynamo Jakk

Recently, a friend of mine reached out to me and asked for my take on the hospital’s diagnosis of her varicose veins? After guiding me into this long drawn out misdiagnosed dance of medical terminologies (jargon), and medicinal (chemical) treatments purposed to her by more than one physician, I have to honestly admit, for some time I sat speechless, amazed at how a medical institution that brings in billions of dollars yearly, holding the title for leading role world wide of healthcare and healthcare technology, could still be so far away from the truth to the underlying cause to any disease, better known something so common among middle age women as varicose veins. All of this may shed some light on trying to explain why the more money we invest into healthcare and healthcare technology, the higher the numbers are of people that are sick, or suffering from chronic, and in some cases terminal illnesses, in America. It seems as though, and this is just my opinion, the more intelligent science becomes, the sicker everyone get. For every medical discovery, or science breakthrough, there’s a new set of unheard-of diseases hitting mainstream society like a runaway train in the form of new healthcare challenges. When did we tear ourselves so far away from nature that we no longer look towards her, for the remedy to a disease, a displeasure, or discomfort we may be experiencing? What else for, shall we choose to interact with and experience the divinity of the most divine mother of all, nature? In what era did man-made, artificial ingredients rise and take leading roles in our lives as biological satisfactions of the vitality and health of the people over that which was already produced by the creative force of life itself?

In ancient mystery systems, medical practitioners received formal means of education by being ‘initiated’ into a mystery school, where after being enrolled into this school of advanced sciences, the initiate can either choose to consider a career in the field of exoteric sciences, or one could choose to pursue a career in the arena of the higher sciences, called esoteric science. All ancient mystery systems have seven degrees of learning before one could be considered as having complete any level, or degree. For instance, the first degree of the mystery system would most likely educate you on a general basis, in the field of medicine though the learning itself may not be restricted to medical science only. Eventually after completing each of the seven fields of study, he will have gotten a more in-depth understanding, of some of the more advanced sciences of nature like, how the shapes of certain energies (pyramids, squares, triangles, etc.) effect DNA-energy (melanin), and what the impact of that effect equivalates to. Also, more adeptly, the student learns how to ‘Will’ the inherent laws of metals, crystals, plants, colors, magnets, and even music. He learns about things like cycles, astrology, astronomy, the manipulation of cosmic forces and their reactions to cells, bio-chemistry, organs, bones, emotions, etc… This intense and well-crafted science of the universe and nature normally would take an initiate around thirteen or fourteen years to complete, which is why sickness and disease did not have a common presence among people that learned so much regarding the biological forces of nature and their contemporary functions

Western medicine has over 100,000 identified clinical diagnoses of sickness and disease that they’ve divided those into multiple other sicknesses and diseases according to the areas afflicted by discomfort, or irritation, that simply have nothing to do with the underlying cause of the disease. Simply put, what medical practitioners consider as disease, is the body working to dispel (using every available orifice), all foreign substances, toxemias, pathogens and undigested or undisposed of, unusable particles, that are sadly mistaken as one or two things, white blood cells, or cancer cells, which in either case couldn’t be any further from the truth, they are not active cells at all, but instead are waste products and other toxins that have not been removed from the body for whatever reasons, and are now binding together with other, more than likely, starchy foods causing clots to form inside the organs and other major arteries throughout the body. In the case of varicose veins, the arteries have become hard and depending on the level of severity, have lost their flexibility and elasticity due to the “disease”. The hardening of the artery(s) is not necessarily the primary effect of the disease but is instead a secondary effect caused by the “disease”. The hardening of the arteries can be caused by a number of things. Salt, white flour, white sugar, and animal flesh are all substances that cause the arteries to dehydrate and clog up. The body naturally reacts to this stress by secreting an oil like substance, in the form of cholesterol in an attempt to soften the hardened artery(s) for better circulation of oxygen and blood flow, and this can in some cases cause high cholesterol levels inside the body to occur. Consuming foods like refined, bleached white flour, and white sugar will most definitely cause thickening to occur by dehydrating the organism, hardening the artery and restricting all circulation. There is no silver bullet to healing the body, let’s be honest, after 30, or 40 years of intoxicating the body and overloading the sytsem with foreign, lethal substances, one could only expect to make this healing process an actual life style change that in itself comes with the benefits of greater health and a longer lasting source of vitality.

Treatment and Cure:

Vitamin A -50,000 IU (helps maintain healthy veins).

Vitamin C – 3,000-6,000 mg. (helps strengthen veins).

Vitamin E – 10,000 IU (aides in circulation of fluids)

Zinc – 50-80 mg. (protects and heals skin against skin disease).

Grape seed extract – take as directed on bottle, (helps with swelling of the veins and venous insufficiency)

Horse Chestnut – taken as directed, (helps with swelling and vein efficiency)

Magnesium Oxide – 750-1,000 mg. (aides in circulation of fluids)

Pumpkin Seed Oil Capsules- use as directed on the bottle.

Silica – as directed on bottle (helps with preventing fluid retention)

Black Walnut – take as directed on bottle, (helps to revitalize and sweep the system)

Wormwood – take as directed on bottle, (dispels parasites, and assists with bowel irritablity)

Psyllium Husk – One table spoon 3 times daily, (adds fiber, and strengthens digestive tract)

Shilijit – one pea-size amount daily, (helps with complete system regeneration)

Jing builder – take as directed on bottle (helps to restore, nourish, and fuel the body)

Blood Purifier – take as directed on bottle, (cleanses blood, as well as balance plasma)

Manganese – 10-50 mg. (enhances healthy skin growth).

Potassium -50-80 mg. (increases the flow of fluids)

Bromelain – 500 mg. 3 times daily, (reduces swelling from inflammation)

Vitamin B-6 – 50 mg. (can be used for things like eczema, dermatitis, and skin disease).

PABA – 100 mg., take up to 3 times daily, in divided dosages.

Pantothenic Acid (B-5) – 300 mg. daily in divided dosages.

Primrose Oil – 500 mg. 3 times daily, (enhances skin health).

Vitamin B Complex – 100 mg. (good for skin tone and texture)

Betaine Hydrochloride – As directed on bottle (alkaline chemistry).

Creatine – 1, ooo-10,000 mg. (alkalizes)

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates – 1, 000-2,000 (stabilizes glucose, strengthens heart)

Tyrosine – 500-1,000 mg. (stimulates coloring in the skin)

Some herbs, that would be most helpful to incorporate into your diet would be Ginger, Horsetail, Juniper Berry, Goji Berry, Jewel Weed, Rosemary, Thyme, Nutmeg, Oregano, Parsley, Buchu, Kidney Bean Pod, Chlorella, Spirulina, Sea Moss, Watercress, Bilberry, Argula, Spinich, Dandelion, Black Cohosh and Harataki. Those are only some, among many others packed with the vitamins and nutrients the body need. Also, I do want to add, that It is always wise to do your own study and research on what you may or may not need according to what your personal situation or circumstance is. It is also important to get specialized opinions on these types of matters. Some people need more direct, hands on treatment and therapy, while others may have already begun making these changes prior to making the decision to go all the way. There is much more to consider when making the decision to take a wholistic approach to treating sickness and disease. There are things that be considered like, what state of health is the person currently in? What types of treatments are they currently receiving, or may have received in the past? What types of medicines are they taking, and why are they taking them? Also, what is their diet currently like, right now? All of these factors must be taken into consideration and included into the wholistic realm of all-natural treatments and cures, because wholistic healing involves dealing with all three aspects of the being, spirit, mind, and body. An appropriate diet would have to consist of a strict meal plan that does not include animal products of any kind, or in any form whatsoever. All starchy, mucus-filled, demineralized, dehydrated, or refined foods are also completely eradicated from the diet. Also, one must have a discreet, in-depth knowledge of what foods, from each food group (even between fruits and vegetables), go with other foods in a mixed combination, as well as what foods they don’t mix with well, that could possibly cause injury, or stagnate the process of the treatment. All of this must be done for direct and immediate effects. Besides, why invest any of your time, money and energy half way into anything that only breeds half a result?

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