Saturn: The hidden god

By: Dynamo Jakk

In this article, we will be discussing, for the purpose of shedding light on many of the mysticisms surrounding the names of the God’s of the old world, one chief deity in particular, Saturn.

Antiquity makes Saturn the first inventor of Agriculture and therefore paints him with a hook or side in his hand as being the fittest hieroglyphic for agriculture. They say that he first invented the use of the plough,

The ancient sun-god was clearly connected to the underworld, which is evident from the existence of what is considered to be a widely accepted widespread pagan celebration in Rome and throughout the Mediterranean known as Saturnalia festival, celebrated throughout the month of December. much of the symbolic content of our own New Year’s and Christmas celebrations trace back to the Roman Catholic, Saturnalia festivals in one form or another. The month of December is a month reserved specifically for honoring and worshipping festivals of the sun gods of solar function.

It takes the planet Saturn between twenty-eight to thirty years to make a complete orbit of the zodiac. Technically, this puts Saturn in the constellation of Capricorn every 29 years for approximately three years making it relatively impossible to have an annual celebration of Saturnalia unless, Saturn was originally revered as the Sun. Yes, the very sun that we have grown so fond of.

In case you’re wondering, what does such a splendid ball of light tarrying throughout the night skies have to do with sun gods and solar alliances? My answer to that in short is, you have to dig deeper!

Ancient chroniclers insisted that the planet Saturn now just a speck in the sky had presided over the Golden Age, an epoch of abundance, cosmic harmony, and grandeur.

Infact, merely all the names of our planets were names that were attributed to one solar deity or another. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were all solar deities and each name represented either different times of a day, or were the names that were assigned to the sun during individual months and seasons throughout the solar year. Even the most recently discovered Pluto was once revered as a solar god.

Saturn means hidden, this is due to the fact that times and seasons are hidden from man within the personality powers of nature. So, it’s no wonder why the name/phrase chosen would be Saturn. The word itself is evident to have originated from the Hebrew script meaning ‘Satu’ meaning to hide; to conceal, the hidden one. This is most likely the reason why Saturn and Kronos both were always depicted as cowled or hooded. It was because originally, they were conceived as the hidden or black sun!

According to pagan theology the name of the chief god of hell was Pluto. The dominion fell into his lot after the world was divided between the three sons of Saturn; Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Pluto is described by scholars as riding in a chariot of ebony reared by four black horses. Horses have been consecrated to the sun.     

Chronos/Satan/Yahweh/El and many other euphemisms like Horus, Osiris, Hades or Pluto were names representing the sun in its absence, just as well as Saturn too represented the sun in his absence. Infact, it was the sun rising out of the ocean and sinking back into it that later became the mythological representation of the solar god Poseidon/Neptune and the invisible hidden sun.

The Sun, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are in all actuality the equivalent to one full solar year diversified according to particular circumstances and events that occur in nature.

Saturn/El (a star), exploded approximately thirty-five centuries ago. Earth started out as one of its moons. Saturn and the great planetary conjunction was the garden of Eden. Saturn and Jupiter both hid the sun from the earth, protecting her from the harmful rays of the suns light, bathing her daily in what is scientifically identified as carbohydrate energy, but was known to the ancestors as manna, bread from heaven.

Saturn is Satan, and the title Satan carries two ancient names for the sun, i.e. AT and AN. (AN=ON or ANI). Behind the word Satan stands the Hebrew word Ha-Satan. In Hebrew ‘Ha’ means “the,” so a translation of Ha-Satan is “the Satan.” Therefore, the word Ha-Satan is not a name but is actually a title or description.

Satan, Qin, Esau, (Asu), Sammael (Shemal, Ishmael) are the evil names of the Evil Principle (the evil power of the sun in the two solstices) which in Winter is the power of darkness and death.

Today, the masons, just as did the apostate Jewish elders and priests in the days of Ezekiel, continue to worship Satan the sun god, also called Lucifer or Baal, by other names.

 Lucifer is the sun god of the morning sunrise; he is described in the scriptures as the falling star “Wormwood” in Revelation 8:10: He is also mentioned in the book of Isaiah 14:12: the bright and morning star (sun). He is the light-bringer in the dark places 2nd Peter 1:19 Lucifer is also referred to as “Apollyon” (Apollo) the Greek and Roman sun-god name given to Satan in Revelation 9:11

Significantly, all pagan idolatry consisted of the worship of the sun-god. The very name of Satan passes through its Chaldaic form “Sheitan” into Greek and “Titan,” which last word is used by Greek and Latin poets as a designation of the sun-god.” Teitan is just the Chaldean form of Sheitan… Teitan was actually known by the classic nations of antiquity to be Satan, or the spirit of wickedness, and the originator of moral evil.” “In the Chaldean system, Teitan was just a synonym for Typhon, the malignant Serpent or dragon…

I would also like to add, that Titan was the brother of Saturn, whom he vanquished, having afterwards been overcome himself by Jupiter. Titan in Greek means privation, and Titan is the dark, or winter. So, Satan, the devil, the Antichrist, are nothing more than Typhon, Titan, Ahriman, or the winter sun.

Now that we have had an opportunity together to gain a better understanding of words and their distinctions from one language or culture and into the next, we’re able to see much clearer through the smoke screens and red herons that have been set up and placed into our realities as tools for slavery. We can now begin to take back our power, and channel that need to feel something deeper than the value we are accustomed to feeling for ourselves, internally. Remember, you yourself, more than anyone else in the world deserve your love and affection, peace comes from within……..! Don’t forget to subsrcibe.

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